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Network Redundancy

Callcentric Wholesale's service quality is further ensured by the redundancy of its network elements. This redundancy ensures against any single point of failure on Callcentric Wholesale's network. The redundancy built into Callcentric Wholesale's network includes:

  • Multiple Internet backbone providers (Tier 1 ISPs) connected via BGP-4
  • Multiple optical carriers for switch cross connects and IP connectivity
  • Redundant PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) providers for call termination
  • Redundant switches
  • Redundant routers


Callcentric Wholesale has many different systems, equipment, and procedures in place to ensure the highest quality to its customers. Callcentric Wholesale's infrastructure allows real-time routing decisions and maintains carrier class quality of service at the best possible rates. Callcentric Wholesale uses a Route Quality Indicator (RQI) to rank each route on the network. The RQI along with rate dictate how traffic is routed.

Callcentric Wholesale's advanced network management tools include:

  • Real time SNMP monitoring designed for internet telephony
    Callcentric Wholesale has developed real-time network management systems to constantly check the status of all VoIP gateways, gatekeepers, routers and switches worldwide.

  • Real time monitoring tools
    Callcentric Wholesale's proprietary systems monitor all gateways and routes in real time for quality metrics such as latency, packet loss, post dial delay (PDD), answer seizure ratio (ASR), average call duration (ACD), and false answer supervision (FAS); to name a few.

  • Automated Configuration and Monitoring System
    Callcentric Wholesale's proprietary provisioning systems automatically configure remote gateways, and create accounts for customers to access our web based tools. The provisioning system regularly checks the configuration of remote gateways to ensure configurations have not changed.

  • Route configuration tools
    All of Callcentric Wholesale's proprietary systems feed data into a route management system which makes automated real time decisions (every 5 minutes) about routing priority. Unlike other carriers systems, the route management system is able to ensure quality by dynamically changing routing priorities in real time based upon changing network conditions.

  • Integrated proprietary systems
    Because Callcentric Wholesale's billing, monitoring, provisioning, and routing tools were designed and developed internally; they are integrated between each other and provide a flexible and customizable platform to ensure Callcentric Wholesale provides excellent quality to its customers. Callcentric Wholesale is constantly improving its systems to ensure that its technologies are always ahead of the competition.

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