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Callcentric Wholesale's termination partners enjoy high traffic volumes, reliable on-time payments, web based online tools and proactive event driven monitoring to control their traffic.

Because of Callcentric Wholesale's extensive interconnections to other carriers and exchanges; the majority of which are Tier 1 carriers; Callcentric Wholesale has an almost infinite supply of traffic to virtually every destination in the world. Callcentric Wholesale can generally deliver higher volumes to a single destination than any other single carrier with a limited base of retail consumers. Callcentric Wholesale routes traffic from all major carriers and exchanges in the US and most of the major carriers around the world.

Callcentric Wholesale's proprietary systems automatically monitor traffic to each of our terminating gateways; when quality drops, or a gateway is unavailable, traffic is routed elsewhere to ensure that traffic volumes remain stable. Once a terminating gateway becomes available again, or its quality improves; traffic is automatically routed back to the gateway that experienced problems. Callcentric Wholesale's automated systems make sure Callcentric Wholesale's customers receive high quality, and that our terminating gateways continue to receive traffic, even after problems with their routes.

Termination partners receive access to Callcentric Wholesale's online tools which provide detailed reports on traffic and quality, graphs, and an online trouble ticket application. To learn more about Callcentric Wholesale's online tools click here.

Termination partners connected to Callcentric Wholesale are paid promptly with standard 15 Net 15 terms via wire transfer in US Dollars; to any designated bank account.

By connecting with Callcentric Wholesale, termination partners are not burdened with negotiating agreements with multiple carriers to supply their traffic; or having to account for payments from multiple sources.

With Callcentric Wholesale you get:

  • Easy entrance:
    Termination partners connect to Callcentric Wholesale within one day with help from our experienced deployment and provisioning team.
  • Immediate traffic:
    Traffic from major carriers around the world including all major carriers in the United States.
  • Reliable revenue:
    On-time, 15 Net 15 payments in US Dollars come from one reliable insured source - Callcentric Wholesale.
  • Online tools:
    Web based tools that let you see your traffic, revenue, and quality statistics in real time, anytime, anywhere you have access to the Internet.

Becoming an Callcentric Wholesale termination partner requires only minimal capital expenditure, investment in manpower, or industry expertise. If you are interested in becoming an Callcentric Wholesale termination partner, review the Getting Started section to understand the requirements for Internet connection, equipment and access to the local phone network.

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